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A Wild in Art event brought to you by The Kirkwood.

Get to know our artists: Kim Onyskiw

Animal lovers across the country will be barking-mad for this Snowdog sculpture! Designed to offer a trail within a trail, ‘Spotter’, features animals of all shapes and sizes which can be found in Kirklees, from domesticated cats and dogs, to native wildlife and farm animals. A clever idea from artist Kim Onyskiw, not only can you spot the large sculpture on the trial, but when you find it why not challenge little explorers to find as many of these animals as they can within the design when taking part in Snowdogs Support Life, Kirklees?

We spoke to Kim about her design, and where her idea for an animal-inspired sculpture came from. Read on to find out more:

Q: What inspired your design?
A: I’ve always lived with a house full of pets and a garden encouraging wildlife, so their whimsical antics and cute faces are often a source of inspiration when I’m painting. With the art trail being all around Kirklees, I wanted to show the variety of animals that can be spotted around the borough and encourage families to look for them as they take part.

Q: Where did your passion for art stem from?  
A: I wanted to be an artist since I was a child and I always spent my time on creative projects growing up. As soon as I left sixth form, I decided that rather than going to university to study art, I’d just try making and selling it instead. Since my A-levels I’ve been self-taught and mainly work with acrylics, creating colourful works on canvas. A lot of my work involves animals, painting commissions of people’s pets and favourite creatures, but I also find inspiration from natural landscapes and my Ukrainian heritage. Although I’ve been officially painting for the past 16 years, this is the first time I’ve painted a sculpture.

Q: Why were you keen to get involved in this art trail? What do you hope it achieves?
I’ve loved Wild in Art trails ever since I saw my first Cow Parade on holiday in 2004. They brighten up the streets and bring joy into the community, but it always seemed to be a thing for distant cities. When I found out that West Yorkshire would finally be getting their own sculpture trail, I had to submit a design. My main hope is that Spotter, and all of his friends, can bring a smile to people’s faces, but also that they can raise as much money and awareness for The Kirkwood as possible. It’s a very important charity for people locally, so it means a lot to be able to support them.

Snowdogs Support Life, Kirklees officially launches to the public on September 2nd and will run for eight weeks. The art trail is set to be the largest free event of its kind to ever come to West Yorkshire.

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Snowdogs Support Life 2022