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Get to know our artists: Lou Sumray

People watching is a favourite past time for many of us, but artist Lou Sumray has turned her hobby into a reality, using her drawing skills capture the special moments shared between friends and families across Kirklees. When out visiting our local towns and rural hotspots, Lou sketches the heartfelt moments of love and laughter shown in a fleeting moment and uses them as inspiration to create stunning works of art.

Fitting into the Snowman & The Snowdog’s story of friendship, Lou’s design will include snapshots of interactions shared by real people across Kirklees, painted in an artistic style similar to the much-loved animated tale.

Lou spoke to us about her background in the art world and what led her to sign up to join Snowdogs, Support Life, Kirklees:

Q: When did you start your work as an artist?

A: I guess I started as a child, over 60 years ago! I was brought up in a family of artists where drawing was our second language. I went to art school in London and then moved to Bradford where I set up a studio space. In the last six years I have started making animations, which began when I worked with a theatre company called 154collective. They asked if I would like to draw an animation for a show called “Under The Bed”. I would never have dreamt that making animations would have been of interest to me, being in a dark space for hours on end, drawing frame by frame, but I have found another passion and my short animations have now travelled to film festivals around Europe.

Q: Why were you keen to get involved in this art trail? What do you hope it achieves?

A: If art can have an active role in raising awareness to benefit a specific charity then I am all for it. From an artistic point of view, I like the idea of multiples starting off looking identical but very soon they are transformed into different characters and form part of a free trail for anybody to explore. I have always been a 2D artist so working on a 3D structure like the Snowdog has offered a new and challenging element for me. I hope my art brings a smile to people’s faces and added awareness for the wonderful work The Kirkwood does.

Snowdogs Support Life, Kirklees officially launches to the public on September 2nd and will run for eight weeks. The art trail is set to be the largest free event of its kind to ever come to West Yorkshire.

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Snowdogs Support Life 2022