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A Wild in Art event brought to you by The Kirkwood.

Get to know our artists: Mik Richardson

Space exploration has gripped the headlines for centuries, with many of us intrigued by the mystery of the universe and what lies beyond Earth. Outer space adventures are loved by the masses whether it’s the discovery of new planets, man’s first step on the moon or Felix Baumgartner’s record-breaking freefall. To capture this passion and interest in life beyond earth, artist, Mik Richardson, has been commissioned to paint two giant sculptures for the Snowdogs Support Life, Kirklees art trail, and you could say they are both ‘out of this world’…

Read on to find out more about Mik and his cosmic-inspired designs:

Q: Can you tell us a bit about your Snowdogs?

A: ‘Mars Rover’ is a play on words based on the iconic Rover dog. His space suit is inspired by Matt Damon’s character from “The Martian” film, but I just had to give him the name “Captain Kirk-Lees” because I’m a bit of a Star Trek fan! My other design, ‘Dash Hound’ gives a subtle nod to my favourite superhero.

My designs were mainly inspired by the sculpture shape itself. The Snowdog is a great canvas for characterisation and gives many opportunities for creative ideas.

Q: How did you get into a career in art?

A: I started my art business in 2006, when I left the RAF after 27 years’ service. I have no formal art training but have always been very arty. I taught myself to use the airbrush and this has become my tool of choice. The main part of my business involves designing and painting large murals, usually in schools and tutoring the youngsters. I also run spay art graffiti t-shirt parties as well as getting involved with the many public art trails around the country. I have painted 95 sculptures for Wild in Art to date and these have raised just over £350,000 at auction.

I was super keen to be involved with Snowdogs Support Life, Kirklees. Not only will it raise vital funds and public awareness for The Kirkwood, but Huddersfield is actually where I was born and lived until the age of four, so I am over the moon to be one of the artists selected to work on this project.

As part of its mission statement, The Kirkwood seeks to support vulnerable members of our community living with advanced, progressive illness with specialist care. Respectful and inclusive, support from The Kirkwood is available for all adults across the borough to access free of charge at any stage of their journey, from diagnosis, eventually through to aftercare for families, friends and carers.

Snowdogs Support Life, Kirklees officially launches to the public on September 2nd and will run for eight weeks. The art trail is set to be the largest free event of its kind to ever come to West Yorkshire.

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To find out more about The Kirkwood’s mission to support people across Kirklees living with a life limiting illness, please visit

Snowdogs Support Life, Kirklees is a Wild in Art event brought to you by The Kirkwood.

Snowdogs Support Life 2022