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Get to know our artists: Sue Webber

Some of us may have been lucky enough to have seen a sun dog before – a stunning halo effect that occurs around the sun. While they’re not rare, they are not always easy to spot and some of us may never have seen one.

A phenomenon which causes a bright spot to appear to one or both sides of the sun as it sets on the horizon, sun dogs have a similar illusion to the curve of a rainbow which creates a striking halo effect caused by the refraction of sunlight. It’s this visual effect that has formed the inspiration for artist Sue Webber, who has drawn on her passion for history and unusual facts (this being one of them!) for her Snowdog design, ‘Sun Dog’. Read on to find out more:

Q: Why did you choose to base your design on sun dogs?

A: During the War of the Roses, it was believed that ‘three suns’ appeared, as quoted in Chronical of the Grey Friars of London: and also abowte Ester was sene in Sussex three sonnes shenynge at one tyme in the eyer, that thei cowde not dysserne wych shulde be the very sonne.” The York commander used this to propel his troops to victory as he believed it represented the three sons of The Duke of York. Naturally, the sun dog fits into the Snowdog theme, but I like to think that this gives it a Yorkshire connection!

Q: When did you start out as an artist?

A: I have always loved art, but it wasn’t until in my thirties that I went to university to study illustration. I became a self-employed artist and gardener eight years ago. Over recent years I have designed and painted 23 sculptures for various UK city trails.

Q: What do you enjoy most about getting involved with art trails?

A: Every trail is a wonderful challenge to create a different colourful character design for people to see. I hope Sun Dog brings joy to the people of Kirklees. It’s been a pleasure to work with The Kirkwood and help raise awareness (and money at auction) for this very worthy cause.

Snowdogs Support Life, Kirklees officially launches to the public on September 2nd and will run for eight weeks. The art trail is set to be the largest free event of its kind to ever come to West Yorkshire.

To discover some of Sue’s past projects, visit her Instagram, @susiesuewebber.

To find out more about The Kirkwood’s mission to support people across Kirklees living with a life limiting illness, please visit

Snowdogs Support Life 2022