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Wild in Art

A Wild in Art event brought to you by The Kirkwood.

Meet our artists: Lynsey & Kieron Reilly

Nearing the end of life not only affects the individual on that journey, but it also greatly impacts those who are close to that person. The Kirkwood work hard to support families and friends to live on and live well following the death of a loved one. Whether you are grieving for someone who passed away earlier this year or decades ago, we support those in need, helping people to find new ways to cope with loss and reflect on treasured memories in a truly meaningful way.

Those who aren’t familiar with the annual ‘Day of the Dead’ holiday in Mexico might think it sounds like a somber event, but it’s actually a joyous occasion of remembering and celebrating loved ones who have died. Like many of The Kirkwood’s in memory events, the Day of the Dead is a celebration of life, and a chance to come together to remember and honour those special people who, although not with us anymore, still have a huge impact on our lives.

Lynsey and Kieron Reilly of Reilly Creative have based their design, ‘Day of the Dog’ around this special event. Representing memories of friends and families, the duo believe it is important that people are not forgotten but live on in memory forever instead. Read on to find out more about the artists and their striking Snowdog design, which has been sponsored by card and gift wrap manufacturer, UK Greeting :

Q: What inspired your design the most?

A: The work The Kirkwood does to help families following the death of a loved one and to make sure their memory lives on has heavily influenced our Snowdog design. For some remembrance is a celebration, which is what we have tried to capture with our design. Also, knowing that this trail would run through Autumn, our design took inspiration from the Halloween and the Day of the Dead celebration. Although the Day of the Dead takes place at the start of November, it has become a strong theme during Halloween, with lots of people applying the striking skeleton makeup, decorated with bright flowers and bold patterns.

Q: When did you start your work as artists, and how did you get to this alliance?

A: We started working together in 2015 on an art trail called ‘The Big Hoot’ in Birmingham where we are both from. More recently we have worked together under the name ‘Reilly Creative’ since we now share the surname as a newly wedded couple. Lynsey is a scenic artist, predominantly working in theatres and private murals for homes, schools, and businesses. Kieron is a cartoonist working on private commissions and for events.

Q: What do you hope the art trail achieves?  

A: Since painting our first trail back in 2015 we have caught the bug of painting for these trails and are always thrilled when we are commissioned to take part. We love being part of something that is engaging for the public but also raises money for deserving causes. It’s always incredible to see the generosity of the public, helping the charities reach their goals.

The Kirkwood help to improve the quality of life for local people affected by any life limiting illness. When time is short, we help everyone in our care to live well and make the most of every single day. Our aim is to make the complex simple by focusing on what’s important to those in our care, and support families to live on and live well.

Snowdogs Support Life, Kirklees officially launches to the public at the start of September and will run for eight weeks. The art trail is set to be the largest free event of its kind to ever come to West Yorkshire.

To discover some of Lynsey and Kieron’s past projects, visit their Instagram page: @reillycreative

To find out more about The Kirkwood’s mission to support people across Kirklees living with a life limiting illness, please visit


Snowdogs Support Life 2022