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The Kirkwood team create their own Snowdog to help Support Life

Standing hand in hand with the people of Kirklees for 35 years, The Kirkwood has been an integral part of our community, helping to support those living with a life limiting illness through compassionate end of life care while respecting their individual needs and wishes.

Businesses, organisations, artists, schools and supporters have all rallied together ahead of the launch of Snowdogs Support Life, Kirklees, with the sense of community spirit unwavering as anticipation builds. Many of the large Snowdog sculptures have been sponsored and have now been painted by a talented team of artists, but the most recent Snowdog design comes with an extra special message from The Kirkwood’s very own team and service users.

The design, which features the handprints of clinical and non-clinical staff, volunteers, patients, families and carers is a heartful tribute from the charity, representing all strands of The Kirkwood movement and the collaborative nature of its services.

Elspeth McGloughlin, Senior Occupational Therapist at The Kirkwood, has been leading the project, encouraging as many people as possible to make their mark on this very special Snowdog. By coordinating the decorating day with the volunteer Vintage Tea Party event, Elspeth was able to get a huge number of people together to join the decorating session on a bright, sunny day in The Kirkwood gardens.

Elspeth comments: ‘We always aim to get staff and patients involved with the more creative aspects of fundraising. Having as many people as possible partake was really important to show the significance of our design, and everyone was so excited from outset. Plus, who can resist the Snowdog as a theme?

‘Projects like this are so important to The Kirkwood,’ she continues, ‘not only for generating income, but to help raise awareness of what we do for our wider community across Kirklees. The art trails that I have seen in other towns and cities have been an imaginative way to generate interest and enthusiasm for some really worthy causes, as well as being great fun to be a part of.’

Once Snowdogs Support Life, Kirklees comes to an end, this cheerfully decorated sculpture will return to The Kirkwood, where it will live out its days in the beautiful gardens, which are loved and treasured by many.

‘The last piece of the puzzle now is to name the Snowdog’, says Elspeth. ‘We will be running a naming campaign later in the summer, with everyone that ‘lent us a hand’ making a suggestion for the name. We can’t wait to share what we come up with!’

Snowdogs Support Life, Kirklees and The Kirkwood both have community at their core. While the art trail is all about connecting friends and families after years of hardship, its creation is motivated by the life-changing work of The Kirkwood, who provide round the clock support to those who need it across Kirklees.

To find out more about The Kirkwood’s mission to support people across Kirklees living with a life limiting illness, please visit

Snowdogs Support Life 2022